Blood pressure monitors are often recommended for people with hypertension or have any underlying blood pressure issues. They’re part of a monitoring system that your healthcare physician requires you to have to know if you’re experiencing high blood pressure. One of the known manufacturers of blood pressure monitors, ReliOn, has provided a huge number of reliable blood pressure monitors that are both effective and cost-efficient at the same time. But how do you really choose between monitors. Here’s a small guide on how to make your pick.

What types of blood pressure monitors are available out there?

First of all, you’ll want to veer away from those manual pump-action monitors as those are most often used by medical personnel only and need a huge amount of experience to use correctly. We’re just going to be looking at electronic blood pressure monitors that anyone can just strap on and use easily.

The primary type of blood pressure monitor is the arm monitor that works similar to what you see in clinics. A huge cuff is placed on your upper arm and is operated with a push of a button. While this is considered more accurate than our latter option, the arm monitor needs a perfect cuff fit or else it will lose all its accuracy. A good thing to note is that most of the arm monitors we have today have multiple user settings, which means multiple people can use it and monitor their own blood pressure readings.

The other type, which is also the one we’re featuring, is the wrist type monitor. Although they present a more complicated way of reading your blood pressure, these are highly lightweight and compact, which make it easy to carry around anywhere you go. Typically, you would have to put the wrist cuff at heart level in order to be more effective, but there are other models nowadays that eliminate that precursor.

Things to consider before purchase

These small things can be easily missed when buying a monitor for home use, that’s why you should take extra caution and pay attention to the tiny details so you won’t encounter any problems in the future.

Cuffs are important when selecting a monitor. Again, this is because an irregular fit can cause abnormalities in readings and can ruin your reading’s accuracy. Also take into consideration the cost of the machine, most good quality monitors range from $40 – $80, which is around the same range as the items we have on our list later. Displays are also important as you would want to clearly see what’s showing in your monitor for an effective reading.

Although not that important to some people, having a multiple-user setting is a big plus and should be considered an asset to any blood pressure monitor in the market today.

So that’s what you need to know before buying a blood pressure monitor of your own. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to our top 3 recommendations for the best ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitors.

Deluxe Digital Blood Pressure BP200


This upper arm monitor is one of the finest among the blood pressure monitors manufactured by ReliOn. It has a large, easy-to-read digital monitor that’s very detailed with the systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings of the user. It also features a multi-user function that can store 60 logs for 2 people, that’s 30 readings each! It also shows you a BP level indicator which shows icons that indicate where you’re at compared to the average blood pressure readings across the country.

The cuff size is 9”-17” in circumference and has an artery marker to ensure that the cuff gets placed correctly. The machine is very easy to use and can be operated and works in just a push of a button. With all the features of the machine, it’s considered very affordable and a good deal.

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Relion BP 200W Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


This is the first of two wrist monitors we’re featuring today. The BP 200W is an easy to use automatic blood pressure monitor that offers a hassle free monitoring experience. If you always need to take a reading due to medical reasons, the BP 200W is very lightweight and easy to take wherever you go. The display is very large and is easily readable and displays your pulse rate, systolic, and diastolic rates. It also has an advanced averaging feature which takes separate readings and calculates the accurate average to show you.

It also has an irregular heartbeat detection and advanced positioning sensor which allows the user to properly place the cuff for accurate readings. The machine is powered by 2 AAA batteries and comes with an instruction manual for easy use.

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Relion BP 300W Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff


The second of two wrist monitors on our list is the BP 300W which is like an upgrade to the previous item in our list. It features a large display screen that shows all the details like the 200W but the main difference is that this model can contain a maximum of 90 different readings into memory, that’s 30 readings for 3 people! It also features the advanced positioning sensor that tells you if the cuff is out of place which allows you to easily adjust it for an accurate reading.

Also featured is the advanced averaging system which takes the average among numerous readings to provide the best result per monitoring. The cuff measures 5.25” – 8.5” and also features an irregular heartbeat detection.

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Blood pressure monitors should be available in any household as hypertension can easily become unnoticed. The selection we’ve prepared for you today is among the best items you can purchase for the most affordable prices. Although we’ve given you all the details you need to purchase an item without hesitation, we still strongly advise that you seek the advice of a medical specialist as they may prescribe a better model for you.

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