An oxygen concentrator is used for oxygen therapy for chronic patients who need more than what is available in ambient air. It shouldn’t be too hard to buy a unit for your own, but having to buy something portable is something else. We’re here to show you how to choose a unit that doesn’t fall too short of the standard oxygen concentrator for home use and show you the best portable oxygen concentrators for sale.

Before we get started, let’s go ahead and take a look at your doctor’s prescription to see what features you would need for that unit you’re planning to buy. Purchasing a unit haphazardly can cause more harm than good, especially if you don’t understand what you’re looking for. So let’s get started with our guide.

Reading and understanding your doctor’s prescription


We all know how daunting it is to read a doctor’s handwriting, but that’s not what we mean by understanding the prescription. You might see something like LPM which means Liters Per Minute and it’ll go something like “2 LPM Pulse/Conserving” or something like “3 LPM Continuous Flow” which probably sounds like alien language to you right now.

First, let’s try to get the idea on what those terms mean, since they always say that “learning is half the battle”. You should know that there are 2 types of Oxygen Concentrators, one with Pulse Dose and the other with Continuous Flow. These are also not interchangeable; if your prescription demands a Pulse dose machine, you can’t get a continuous flow with it and vice versa.

What else?

Now that we know the different types of oxygen concentrators out there, here are some other criteria that you may want to keep in mind when you before you go ahead and make a decision to buy a unit.

  • Battery
    • You may want to look at a unit with a long and extensive battery life since you wouldn’t want it to just drop dead during a session. Aside from that, nothing else power related should be an issue since all oxygen concentrators, even the portable ones, can be AC or DC powered.
  • Size
    • You’re not going to want to haul a huge piece of equipment everywhere you go right? You’ll want to get the smallest unit with all the features you need.
    • That goes into consideration that it should also be light and easy to carry, a small but heavy machine cannot be considered portable.

These are all the things you would need to know in order to purchase a good system. Armed with this information, it should be easier for you to find a machine that would suit your needs. Just always remember that there are two types of oxygen concentrators and it’s highly advised that you don’t mix them up. That aside, we’ve put up some of our recommendations to help you out in getting the machine you need.

 Respironics SimplyGo Mini


Targeted at the people with an active and healthy lifestyle, the SimplyGo Mini is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator made by Philips Respironics. It’s a lightweight at less than 5lbs which means carrying it around is a cinch. It’s effective to use 24/7 and is FAA approved so you get your guarantee.

Included in the package is a rechargeable battery, a power cord for home use, car charger for sessions on the go, and a carrying case for added portability. The screen is very easy to read and the carrying case is not a hassle to bring around. You’ll know that it’s a good brand when it’s made by a trusted name like Philips Respironics. You can never go wrong with this purchase.

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HouseHold Server™ Portable Oxygen Bar Machine


While not really for prescription, this portable oxygen concentrator gives you a 29% more concentrated oxygen intake. It’s rated at AC 100-240V and DC 12-15V. It can produce 3 +- 1.5L / min. It has an awesome battery life at 50-70 mins per full charge so you won’t have to worry about any cut sessions.

The product is a pulse type machine that’s targeted to help with skin care, nutrition and elasticity. Other benefits noted by the supplier is that it helps in fetus development for pregnant women, relax physical and mental states for businessmen, and improve memory retention and reduce mental fatigue for students. An excellent thing is that if you want extra usage time, you can buy longer lasting batteries from the same supplier.

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Respironics SimplyGo


The original version of the SimplyGo which was also made and distributed by Philips Respironics so you’ll know it can perform. This is a very brilliant piece of hardware as it can work both as a continuous and also as a pulse dose machine. It’s a little heftier than the mini but not by that much at less than 10lbs. The battery runs for an hour on continuous and less than 3 hours in pulse dose which means you get the most out of your sessions.

It delivers a whopping 2000ml or 2L per minute and can be easily set up by anybody. The kit includes most of the things like the Mini like a rechargeable battery, power cord, car charger, carrying case, and a mobile card for easy travel. The batteries are easy to access and replace so getting your spares in. It has very intuitive controls which make the settings easily adjustable.

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While there are numerous portable oxygen concentrator brands out there, it’s always good to get ones from trusted brands. The quality and performance you’ll get from each unit would greatly vary as compared to those manufactured by lesser-known brands. Before buying, always remember to follow your prescription as you don’t want to get anything wrong and waste some money on a perfectly good machine for another purpose. If you’re having problems with an item, check out our recommendations, it might really help you out.

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