Getting a blood pressure monitor for home use is a great thing. It allows you to check your BP to check if your high blood pressure treatment is showing any signs of effectiveness among many other uses. For patients with diabetes, coronary heart disease, and/or kidney diseases; a blood pressure monitor is also vital as they need to monitor their blood pressure closely. There are many reasons why you need a blood pressure monitor at home and one of the best brands out there is none other than Microlife. Today, we’re going to show you a comprehensive guide on how to select a good blood pressure monitor and our top 2 picks of the best Microlife blood pressure monitors in the market today.

How to Choose a Great Blood Pressure Monitor

There are many types of people who could benefit from getting a blood pressure monitor of their own. Women with gestation can suffer from pregnancy-induced hypertension and when undiagnosed can cause complications to the baby. That is why doctors choose to get patients with high blood pressure to buy their own monitors so they can closely check the signs of hypertension.


There are 2 types of blood pressure monitors available in the market today. First is the arm cuff, which is great for its accurate readings. The only downside to this model is that the cuff should fit perfectly or else every reading would be wrong. The other type of blood pressure monitor is the wrist cuff, which is a light and compact monitor that can be carried with you almost anywhere you go. Wrist cuffs are notorious for its strictness since you’d have to place your wrist at chest level to get an accurate reading altogether.


  • Fitting
    • Getting the right size is everything as any wrong fitting can result in inaccurate readings. This is evident in arm cuffs as they are more sensitive to fitting as to wrist cuffs which fit most people.
  • Price
    • The standard pricing on blood pressure monitors today are at around $40 – $75 but some insurance plans cover these types of medical apparatus so you may not even have to pay a cent to get one.
  • Ease of use
    • If you’re going to choose one, go for the simplest and easiest machine to use. You wouldn’t want to fumble around when reading your blood pressure. You can’t afford to dawdle especially if you’re having a hypertension attack.
  • Other features
    • There are other features that you’d want to check when buying a blood pressure monitor of your own. It’s best to check if any of these are available on the unit that you’re buying because they provide additional usability and efficiency when monitoring your blood pressure.
      • Irregular heartbeat detector to check whether you’re experiencing arrhythmia.
      • Risk-category indicator which shows where you’re at compared to the country’s standards.
      • Multiple user memories for households that need monitoring for multiple people.
      • Memory download capabilities for storing your data to bring to your doctor.
      • Data averaging to help you get better and more accurate results
      • Large displays for easier reading.

Once you have all these information down, it should be easy for you to choose a blood pressure monitor of your own. All you need is to check which features you need, evaluate the cost, check the size, and you’re good to go. If you think you’ll have problems choosing a machine, we’ve prepared reviews for some of the best blood pressure monitors from Microlife.

Microlife 3MC1-PC Ultimate Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Irregular Heartbeat Detection


The 3MC1-PC is one of the best products that Microlife has ever released. It features an integrated irregular heartbeat detection to check if the user is currently experiencing abnormal heart rates and if they’re in risk of having arrhythmia. When it does detect irregularities, it gives you a warning signal together with your reading.

Also in the kit is a built-in averaging technology that automatically gets 3 different measurements and calculates the average to give you superior accuracy. You can also see how your reading compares to national standards with a hypertension indicator on the side of the monitor. Aside from that, the machine also automatically stores up to 99 readings for 2 different users. If you’re worried about the fit, it includes 2 different sized cuffs that are interchangeable to give you comfort and to ensure that the machine would give the most accurate readings.

The display is easily readable and features a blood pressure analyzer software which allows you to track your progress to show to your physician. It comes with a 5-year warranty and a zippered storage case, which means everything you’ll ever need is in one exclusive package.

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Microlife BP3GX1-5X Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


This is another great model from Microlife which doesn’t fall short of the previous one in our list. It also dons an irregular heartbeat detector, a risk-category indicator, 99 memory slots for 2 users, 2 cuffs at 8.7” and 16.5” respectively, a downloadable memory for your doctor, and many more.

It also has a large digit display for ease of reading, a data averaging function for more accurate results and an AC adapter for its power source. Though it has all you need in a blood pressure monitor, this model particularly has customer reviews with regards to its accuracy saying that it often gives higher readings as compared to other devices. Then again, for a few extra dollars, you can get the 3MC1-PC and you’ll never have to look for another machine again.

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Getting a home blood pressure monitor would be one of the best investments you’ll have ever made. It allows you to check for any risks of hypertension and warns you to go and have yourself checked by a health professional. If you’re unsure which unit to buy, check out our recommendations, or you can also check with your doctor on any units that they can suggest.

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