Breast pumps are for women who have to leave the house but do not want to give formula to their baby. They’re essential for when you have work or need to go away from your baby during the breastfeeding period. That’s why we’re taking the time to introduce you to what you need to know about breast pumps and later we’ll provide Medela Breast Pump reviews, which are well-known in the breast pump market today. Let’s go ahead and see the criteria we should know about finding a good breast pump

How often do you pump?

Well, it’s a very straightforward question but it provides us with a basis of which kind of pump you should get. Mothers who pump more than once a day should opt for electrical personal-use pumps while other moms who just pump once a day or less should just consider using a manual pump. If you’re having problems breastfeeding, however, it’s best if you choose a hospital-grade electric breast pump for good measure. But what are the differences between these three types of pumps? Let’s go into detail.


  • Electrical personal-use pumps
    • These are often the choice of full-time workers who can’t nurse their babies regularly and have to store a lot of milk per pump.
    • Pumps are fully automatic and have adjustable cycling times and suction levels to help maintain a healthy nipple.
    • Mostly double pumps and rarely come with just a single pump
    • Almost always comes with carrying cases and bottles with accessories like clips, labels, storage bags, or nipple ointments
    • Most pumps come with a built-in battery pack which means you can use it for travel without having to look for an electrical outlet.
  • Hospital-grade pumps
    • Commonly used by women who has problems nursing during their first few weeks after giving birth.
    • Most of these pumps only come for rent and are recommended by caregivers.
    • These pumps are more powerful than your standard electric pumps and can drain milk faster from both breasts at the same time.
  • Manual pumps
    • Ideal for women who don’t spend that much time away from their babies.
    • More portable than the standard electric pumps and mostly weigh less than 2lbs.
    • Has a smaller price tag than electric powered pumps
    • If your insurance does not cover breast pumps, then these might be your best alternatives.
    • Powered by pumping a piston to create suction. Can only squeeze one breast at a time
    • Takes more time to use and requires more effort as a single pump can sometimes need both hands.

What else do I need to know?

There are some safety measures that you should take when buying a breast pump. More often than not, these safety guidelines often go unnoticed since it’s not explicitly written on labels.

  • Don’t buy used pumps. They can help your budget, of course, but they can also risk infections coming to your baby.
  • Close of one side of a double pump if you’re only using one.
  • The nipple shields that come with the pumps can be replaced with a proper size if it’s too big or small for you.
  • Always clean the parts after each use. This will help remove breast milk that’s lodged on the parts that might grow old and cultivate bacteria.
  • Clean the tubing if any milk gets inside it. It might cause problems for your machine and sterilization issues.

There are other features that a breast pump should have but these criteria are what we feel that’s most important when buying a pump. If you’re out on the market to buy a breast pump for your own, we recommend checking out Mendela Breast Pumps. We’ve reviewed 2 of their top products for your convenience.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump


The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is ideal for mothers who spend little time away from their babies. It’s very lightweight and portable and can be used discreetly. It comes with two forms of suction, the first one being stimulation and the other being expression. It also promises to get more milk with lesser effort when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum and by using the 2-phase expression along with it.

The package includes the Harmony breast pump, a 24mm PersonalFit breast shield (or nipple shield), a 5oz/150ml BPA-free breast milk bottle with lid and stand, and 2 extra membranes aside from the one already included. You also wouldn’t be in the dark when using it as the package also includes instructions on how to use the pump effectively and how to clean it properly as well. The nipple shields are also replaceable and can be switched to a size that’s more comfortable for you.

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Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set


This next model from Medela is an electric breast pump with double pumping action. It has adjustable speed and vacuum control so you’ll have the most comfortable experience using it. It also uses the patented 2-phase expression technology which helps you get more milk at lesser time. This technology is incorporated in a One-touch Let-down button that allows you to switch from stimulation and expression immediately.

It’s very compact and can be carried in regular bags or in Medela’s breastpump bags. The bummer is that it’s not included on the started set and needs you to add a few dollars more to get it. Overall, the product is very easy to use and gets the job done in lesser time. Medela has created numerous breast pumps and this one is one of the most effective models yet.

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Buying a breast pump can be quite a drag if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You might have discomfort with the nipple shields or feel that the suction is too loose but our buying guide is sure to get you away from those buying dilemmas. Check out our product recommendations and see if they work out for you. Medela is a trusted brand and have never failed to deliver awesome products.

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