Buying a TENS unit off the bat is not a very wise choice. You have to get all the features that you need and what you need to use it for. TENS units are mostly used for pain and helps you by sending off electric pulses that prevent nerves from transmitting pain into the brain. They often come with the feature of increasing the release of endorphins to the body, which help as a natural painkiller. Today, we’re taking a look at how to choose the best TENS unit and a few of our recommendations

But what else do we need to know before buying one? Well, that’s why we’ve set the primary factors you should look for in a TENS unit

What’s in the Package?


If you purchase a unit online, make sure to always check what’s in it. A package that contains spare electrodes or a lubricating gel might make you feel like you were forced to buy them. Things to look out for would be the case, spare batteries, and if there’s an option to change the components with other parts.

The number of electrodes and channels are also a big priority when buying a unit as it can help with multiple spot treatments for your pain therapy.

The Frame

You wouldn’t want a unit that gets accidentally adjusted to a higher power setting, would you? That’s why it’s fairly important to check if the buttons on a unit are too cramped or are too hard to tell apart. Just a misstep in adjusting the settings can lead to immense pain as compared to pain relief.

Another thing to consider with the frame is the size of the display. It should always be able to show the necessary information without being too hard to read. Also, the labels should be easy enough to understand. And lastly, the battery compartment should be a breeze to go through. You wouldn’t want to spend too much effort in just replacing the batteries.

Brand and Warranty

Always consider a good brand as compared to something cheap. You’ll never know how a low-cost unit can cause you more problems in the future than relief. There are numerous brands out there that are proven to perform, many of which you’ll probably see through customer reviews and searches.

A good way to see if the brand is good is the length of the warranty. If you ask us, having a long warranty period proves how much a brand trusts its machine and how much they know it wouldn’t fail. If you’re not getting a good warranty with it then it’s best for you to look for something else.

All of these factors are just shedding a small light to what a TENS unit should have to be called good, anything below these criteria are highly ill-advised, but if you insist that you prefer a product with one of these criteria missing, it’s totally up to you. That said, here are our top 3 recommendations for the best TENS units for pain relief.

Empi Select Pain Management System


The Empi Select System features 5 different modes targeted at different body areas. The package contains 2 lead wires, a user manual, and 4 electrodes. Each electrode is at 2” x 4” which gives an optimal active area of 7.75 square inches. The unit is powered by 3 AAA Batteries or rechargeable batteries with charger.

Aside from the 5 different modes, it has 4 customized treatment modes for long-term pain relief. With the unit is also the ability to monitor the number of sessions, average settings and session length, and more information to help you change according to protocol treatments. The kit also includes a lifetime warranty which shows Empi’s trust in the product itself.

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truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe Tens Unit for Pain Relief


This over-the-counter unit weighs only 4.5oz and is very lightweight and portable. You can use it for up to two hours per session, which is great for relieving pain, stimulating muscles, and for heightened relaxation. There are over 20 power levels in 2 channels which can be changed using digital controls. There’s no worry about accidentally changing the setting on this machine.

Batteries are not an issue since the unit has built in rechargeable Li-ion cells so you never have to buy separate batteries again. The labels on the buttons are also very straightforward and easy to read, which is a huge plus for TENS units. It has an included instruction manual to help you with every step of your treatment. The model itself looks like a remote control, so if you can operate that, using this TENS unit would be easy.

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HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro12AB


This TENS unit has been cleared for use by the FDA. It has 2 different channels which allow for specific spot-treatments. Preset treatments include: tuina, acupuncture, tapping, guasha, shiatsu, back pain, deep tissue massage, weight loss, pressure, cupping, and combination. You can use the unit anywhere between 10-80 minutes with the built-in timer. Up to 4 pads can be used simultaneously with this device.

The LCD features a backlight and is fairly large so reading it won’t be an issue. The different preset modes are proven effective for pain relief. If you’re looking for a good brand, HealthmateForever has more than 50 different TENS units for sale online and the brand is doctor-recommended. If that’s not enough to convince you, maybe the trust in their Lifetime Warranty will.

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TENS units are highly sought for when it comes to temporary treatment against muscle pain, exercise, and other mild aches. If you’re planning to use one for more intense pain treatment, we highly recommend you consider getting a doctor’s advice before getting a specific unit. If you’re pregnant, veer away from TENS units as it can cause complications with your gestation. Our top 3 recommendations are all based on the criteria we posted above, so if you have the time, check them out for yourself.

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